Jennifer Lopez Wanted Marc Anthony to Fight for Their Family


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorced after 10 years of marriage. Lopez says this was a difficult time in his life. While she says divorce is the right choice for her, she also says she prays that her husband fought to keep the family together.

Jennifer Lopez had a hard time announcing her divorce

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in 2016 |  Kevin Winter / WireImage
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in 2016 | Kevin Winter / WireImage

Lopez says publicly that announcing her divorce from Anthony is “the hardest day ever.” She says the days after the news are the hardest. One thing she was struggling with was sleeping alone.

“The days after our news were terrible, but it still felt sad, our marriage had not failed,” Lopez wrote in her book True love. ‘And as Mark himself said, there was nothing that I hated but failed. I was happy to have my mum so that the house didn’t feel empty, but it still felt lonely waking up in bed every morning. ”

Jennifer Lopez says she wanted Marc Anthony to fight for their family

Lopez says she told Anthony she didn’t think their marriage was working. She had avoided the subject but decided to address their issues and tell him the marriage was over. She told him she could tell that none of them were happy. She also told Anthony that their children, Max and Emme, were wondering what was going on with their parents. She said Anthony just agreed with everything she said.

Given how painful it was, Mark seemed to know that what I was saying was true. Deep down, I still wanted him to put up a fight for our family. I wanted him to say, ‘No, I’m not going to let this happen.’ I held my breath. But instead, he said, ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘I want you to know, I’m always here for you if you need anything at all. ‘I broke down in tears.

Jennifer Lopez, True Love

Jennifer Lopez still remembers the last moments of her breakup with Marc Anthony

Lopez still remembers the last moments of her breakup with Anthony. She says he sucked her and tried to smile at the end of the greeting, but she couldn’t build the strength to find humor in that moment.

“The only other thing I remember is, when he got up to leave, he gave me a big hook,” Lopez wrote. “He walked out as I turned and looked out the window, but I could still see his reflection on the glass. He had stopped at the door. He stood there a minute and then made a sort of joke. I turned around to admit it, but I couldn’t laugh. ”

The singer says she was overwhelmed with emotion, and that smile didn’t feel right at the time. “I was shocked by the moment – too sad and too overwhelmed to enter,” Lopez continued. “Just then, I saw Mark’s whole face change, because he knew that the only thing he could always do was make me smile. On 15 July 2011, we made the public announcement that we were going into divorce. ”

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