‘Halloween Baking Championship’ Fans Complain About John Henson’s Absence


While the main focus of the Food Network is traditional culinary demonstrations, the network began to include more bakery demonstrations a few years ago.

From fact-finding demonstrations about the interior of a high-profile bakery to complex taste and cake design contests, the displays have developed something like a cult. It is one of the staples of the network every year Halloween Baking Competition.

Without the John Henson staple, however, some fans are making false claims.

Food Network takes the cake

Actor John Henson
Actor John Henson Lloyd Bishop / NBC

It may not have been a competition show before for the usual slate of baking shows, but a reality show similar to the ones you see on Bravo or E! according to Delish, Ace of Cakes it was the hugely successful show that gave an inside look at Charm City Cakes, a boutique bakery with locations in Baltimore and Los Angeles.

However, as the network moved away from shows like this and into more competitive shows, the bakery shows changed.

Baking offers unique challenges that are far different from those seen on staples such as Iron cook and Guy’s Grocery Games. Instead of fast-paced and cut-down competition, patience is the best way to demonstrate effective baking, meaning that bakers can’t do the non-stop additions and subtractions they can make at cooking demonstrations. .

With each holiday season, the Network offers a fresh look at the bakery show. However, one of my favorites is the Halloween Baking Tournament, which returned in 2020, although there were some things that the fans didn’t appreciate.

What is a ‘Halloween Baking Competition’?

A look away from winter Holiday Baking Competition, in the Halloween version bakers from all over the country make bakers that are both spicy and tasty. The show has seen the presence of staples from both Food Network and beyond.

Over the first two years alone, the show featured two individuals in Richard Blais and puppet comedian Jeff Dunham. In 2017, he found a winning formula by throwing John Henson as the guest.

according to Food Network, Henson has been a major television presenter for several years. Starting as a stand-up comic, Henson first made waves on E! great show Speaking of Soup, who began a long career as a host of several exhibitions of many genres.

Outside of occasional acting work, Henson’s bizarre humor goes perfectly with shows like wipe out, whose competitors go through an obstacle course designed to make most of them fail miserably.

After leaving the successful ABC concert, however, Henson moved on to Halloween Baking Competition, and for three years, brought some consistency to the ever-changing program. This year, however, the network went to the other side, and fans were not at all happy with the results.

New era of ‘Food Network’

A common complaint about several of Food Network’s smallest displays is the lack of consistency. Hosts, judges, and formats can change at the drop of the hat, and when the formula was already successful, this tears fans apart.

While many of the comments are on Reddit They were about the ways in which the show used social distance, some respecting their hospitality.

Carla Hall has been on and off Food Network for several years. Her weird style, which came from her perspective on Bravo’s Chef, works wonders with the whimsy of the Halloween-themed baking show.

However, Hall has often been used as a judge or co – host, and many find her current role just outside of her wheelhouse. User tbone56er elicited the feelings expressed by several other posters.

“I don’t care about Carla as a judge but I didn’t really care about her as a guest. I hope she grows on me but I definitely miss John Henson. “

Whether it’s a change for a change or an issue of Food Network without the need for another show change, Hall remains unsettled with fans. If history repeats itself, that could mean the 2021 season could see another change.

However, if Hall gets the right time to grow and succeed in the role, the fans may have a change of heart.