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‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: Here’s Why Dr. Jan Pol Won’t Watch His Own Show


The remarkable Professor Pol has been a successful series on Nat Geo Wild since 2011.

While the reality show after veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol around his community in Michigan is a success and popular with fans, the dock itself will not be looking at its own show.

Here is the reason.

Dr. Jan Pol and his wife, Diane Pol Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Dr. Jan Pol did not want his own presentation for this reason

When Dr. Paul’s son Charles in 2010 raised the idea that his father would be at the heart of a reality show on national television, Dr. Paul wasn’t sure it was a good idea. In fact, he was worried he would be immersed for his veterinary care style.

The Chicago Tribune in 2018 Dr. Paul asked how he felt when he started filming the series, did it feel strange to be a celebrity at the end of his life.

“Well, no,” he replied. “[Charles] is my son and if i can help i will do it. We never thought anything would come out of it. Yes, you can make a movie for us. Do it! Charles said, ‘Dad, don’t look at the camera. Do nothing for the camera, your work is interesting enough. ‘

“And I said, ‘Charles, who wants to see me? I am an old boy, I do things the way I am and – I have said this many times – we are criticized. And who wants to watch me do my work? It’s dirty. ‘And he said,’ You never know. ‘ ”

Dr. Paul was right about one thing

As it turned out, Dr. Pol was right about being criticized. He explained in his 2014 book, Never turn your back on Angus’ cow: My life as a country doctor, that an observer once reported it to the state of Michigan. What offense? How he handled the breaking of a calf’s leg, which he put back in its place, wrapped in cotton, and then fixed with wood and tape.

“Boy, was I criticized for that by a woman who was watching the show,” he wrote. “She complained to the state that I did not take an X-ray. ‘How could you repair a broken bone if you don’t see it ?,’ She wanted to find out. But I saw it – with my hands. Oh, I was angry when I got word of that complaint. “

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The Dutch-born doctor explained that having been a veterinarian for so long, he can tell some conditions in animals without the need for more expensive screening instruments.

“I’ll never use a good tool if I need it,” he said, “unless it’s going to give me more information than I already have or can get in a better way. easy, I don’t use it. ”

Dr. Pol preferred not to watch his own presentation

As Dr. Pol TVBrittanyF in September 2020, he is not watching his own show. It doesn’t have to be.

“To be honest with you,” he said, “I don’t watch much of the show. Because once I watch the show I always think, ‘Why did they use this? or, ‘Why didn’t they use that? Why isn’t it like this? ‘

“They film over a hundred times a week and use 40 minutes for the show.”

Even if he doesn’t watch, he has millions of fans who will and expect to continue to do so.