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1 ‘Fuller House’ Scene Pretty Much Copied Stephanie’s ‘Full House’ Moment


Some things never change, especially when it comes to the Tanner Family. On the Netflix spinoff series Fuller House, that means recreating some iconic moments from the original sitcom. One moment with Stephanie, in particular, crashed onto this streaming platform. 

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Stephanie crashed Joey’s car on the ‘Honey, I Broke the House’ episode

Sitting in a car took a pretty bad turn for Stephanie Tanner — literally. During the “Honey, I Broke the House” episode of Full House, Stephanie accidentally starts Joey’s brand new car that’s sitting in the backyard. She wants to listen to the radio, so she switches the gear shifter to “R.” 

Little does she know that the “R” stands for reverse, and would cause the car to go right through the kitchen window. Michelle Tanner wanders in and her jaw drops, prompting the iconic line, “there’s a car in the kitchen!”

You’d think after crashing Joey’s car once, Stephanie wouldn’t do it again. On Fuller House, though, the character ends up needing the car and recreating the iconic scene from the original sitcom.

Stephanie crashed through the kitchen again on ‘Fuller House’

Oh my flashback! Pretty much this exact same scene is recreated on the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House, for the Thanksgiving episode, “Cold Turkey.” There, Danny, Joey, and Jesse return to the house for the holiday. 

The issue? Stephanie is in charge of cooking dinner and DJ doesn’t give up control that easily. After getting in an argument with DJ, Stephanie needs to go for a drive. 

With DJ’s car out of the house, Stephanie grabs Joey’s keys and gets into his car. She accidentally reverses, crashing right through the kitchen window — again. After knocking over the dinner, she says, “I’m in the house and I’m still in the car. Again.”

The youngest of DJ’s three kids then wanders in to see the destruction. Tommy says Michelle’s line, “there’s a car in the kitchen.” Fortunately, Fernando is there to break up the tension, giving his rendition of the song “Coming to America” in the living room.